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Library 1: General Interest Articles
       • History, Construction, Early Photos, Trackwork, Passes, Documents
      • Locomotives and Rolling Stock in Colour
  • Digital Art Gallery - Full Colour 2-D and 3-D CAD Images
      • Fine Art Gallery - Prints, Sketches, Memorabilia
      • Detailed Maps - Yards, Sidings, Branch Lines
 • South Park Bibliography - Books, Articles, Links

Library 2: Rolling Stock Histories, Photos, Plans, Rosters
   • D&B 2-6-0   Mason 2-6-6T   Mason 2-8-6T  Brooks 2-6-0
Cooke 2-6-0   Cooke 2-8-0   Baldwin 2-8-0
Flat   Coal   Box   Cattle   Refrigerator   Waycar
Baggage   Baggage-Mail   Combine   Coach   Pullman   Official
    Equipment Rosters - Summary and Sources

Library 3: Rolling Stock Plan Collections
   Locomotive  Freight  Passenger  • Work  Stacks / Domes  Lettering Diagrams

Library 4: Rolling Stock Plans By Specialists
   Plans by David Fletcher - DSP&P Mason Bogies
Plans by Harry Brunk - DSP&P / C&S Freight Cars
   Plans by John Maxwell - DSP&P Locomotives Freight Passenger
   Plans by Ron Rudnick - DSP&P / DL&G Freight Cars
   CAD Drawings by David Fletcher and William Gould
Folio Drawings - C&S 1906 Locomotives Freight Passenger Work
   Index to All John Maxwell's Plans
Index to All Ron Rudnick's Plans
Index to DSP&P / South Park Articles in Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette

Library 5: Rolling Stock Specifications      
Locomotives   Freight   Passenger

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